Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all of these photos really your work?

Yes, all of the featured photography you see on this site (prints, on the pouches, etc.) is our original work. Should we ever feature other people's work in the future or collaborate with others, we'll of course share that on here.

2. Do you have any other frames besides the ones that are offered?

Not currently but we may add more in the future! The frame options available through our shop are what we felt best showcases our work. That being said, if you want a different frame, we recommend purchasing the print by itself and then either have it framed locally or you can use a service like Framebridge (one of our favorites).

    3. I know exactly where I want to hang your work but the size I need isn't available. Can I order custom?

    Most likely! The print sizes we have available are what we felt best showcase each image. That being said, let us know what size you are looking for and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. There are also a number of ways you can get creative with framing your image (I.e. frame size, thick mat, etc.) so the frame itself takes up more space than the size of the print (here's a great example and this as well).

    4. Where else can I purchase your work?

    Right now, we're only available online. This is our digital studio, after all. If you would like to stock some of our prints or product or collaborate on something for you to sell exclusively, give us a shout.

    5. I ordered a print and a pouch. How come they're being shipped separately?

    Our products ship directly from our printing partners. They're the experts at production and know exactly how to handle each and every shipment with care. Our Off The Wall products are printed at a different location than our prints which is why you may receive multiple deliveries for a single order.

    6. I received my order and my item is damaged or incorrect. Now what?

    Life happens! If there is a mistake in the printing or an item is damaged during shipping, just send us visual proof (picture of the product), order number, and description of issue to our team at We will issue and ship a new one directly to you.

    7. How long will it take to receive my order?

    Shipping times may vary once your order leaves our facilities (depending on the carrier, holiday season, as well as the type of product you are ordering). Please allow for 5-12 delivery days once your order has shipped.

    8. What gear do you shoot with?

    We're guilty of packing up more gear than we need anytime we go somewhere. But it's all really heavy and cumbersome and we hate being weighed down by too much stuff, especially when we're traveling. So while our gear and tech pack differs from destination to destination, we more or less always bring the following:

    9. Do you travel full-time?

    Nope (maybe one day!). For right now, we are based in NY (Brooklyn to be exact) and make it a point to visit new places when we can.

    10. I want to get into photography. Where do I start?

    Do you have a camera on your phone? Good- just start shooting. No need to get caught up in gear or any of that just yet. But if you are looking for intro gear recommendations, we like the Canon EOS Rebel (DSLR), Sony Alpha a6000 (mirrorless), or DJI Spark (drone). If you're looking for good photography courses, check out Creative Live.